HELLO LO Campaigns!

Optimizing content, raising awareness, increasing traffic, synergizing missions with advertising needs, all with an aim to satisfy a brief… The LO Team crushes it on a daily!


Specific asks from members or partners can be daunting for a youth league. LO takes the desired outcomes and crafts a process that is original, dynamic and on brand for all involved. It starts with the brief to truly understand the goals of the campaigns.


Whether it’s an internal program like a player driven concept or an ask from a key partner, LO opens dialogue with the decision makers to better understand what is needed through extensive communication either in person, video conference or email.

Design Process

Ideas explored, brainstorming galore, this is our bread and butter and true strength of our diverse creative team. 


The unveiling! Taking the client through the final presentation is the icing on our cake. Feedback, adjustments, tweaks to do and the final product is delivered. Job Done LO… NEXT?

Strategic Planning

An insiders look at our planning process