Strategic Planning

Step One – Research

At LO, we use a wide range of sources to understand the digital needs of your Brand. These include evaluation of competitors in the marketplace as well as the general soccer world as it pertains to young players as well as ideal results for partners and sponsors.

Step Two – Creative + Design

We know how to craft compelling content that will resonate with your members, and deliver a return on investment that exceeds your sponsors most optimistic expectations.  By utilizing several modes of design and creative processes we offer truly original content in every element, webpage and post.

Step Three – Implementation + Testing

LO places your most important metrics at the forefront of our design
implementation. Selecting the most impactful way of raising awareness, retaining attention and driving elevated brand perception is an art that LO specialize in. By adding a robust analytical process through tracking the impact of every post and garnering feedback on the most critical design elements of The GA, we endeavor to ensure that every facet of your marketing strategy works.

Launch Originals

Production and Creative Team