Most Recognized Brand in Youth Sports
Creating an Original Identity

Try taking something that has been so established, so well received, across the whole of the country and make it cool and very “LA”… Yea, we DID THAT for LA SURF!

Elevating the
Surf Brand to new Levels

Starting with a logo, primary color palette and nothing much else we were tasked with developing a more complex brand for a dynamic LA Market stretching into several different affiliate locations. Each location needed to be accurately portrayed as part of the larger organization.

Taking inspiration from the original brand, how waves move and how it all relates to the game of soccer led us on a journey of discovery for LA SURF. The critical element of the surf logo was explored, and a thumbprint created to highlight that even though LA Surf covers a large area of SoCal they are all connected in the mission to “Leave a Mark” in the lives of their players.

Take it further… OK! The launch of LA Surf branding, new elements, colors and location specific creativity was a 12-month process, but we weren’t done. We pushed the brand further, manipulated it more to keep it fresh, stretched into new concepts and engaged stakeholders more with each promo. Other Surf clubs around the country started to grab the LA brand and utilize it on their own digital spaces. Imitation is the ultimate compliment!

Brand Guidelines

From Concept to Reality

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