Event Coverage in Real Time! Access to the event, from any corner of the Globe Bespoke event packages handled In-house by LO Custom Event Merchandise Cool Graphics on Great Gear in collaboration with Great Partners Capturing the Vibe of the event
Pre-event Custom Design

Dynamic and event specific mini-media kits are designed to highlight each event.

Social Media Broadcasting

On site Social Media Manager captures and shares the very best content.

Professional Photography/Videography

Exceptional moments are captured, edited and shared instantaneously via the LO Process team on site.

Location Specific

Taking inspritation from the event location our designs are always well received by stakeholders and partners.


Taking inspiration from the current trends both visually and digitally, our event coverage is always vibrant and impactful.

Collaboration with Sponsors and Partners

A synchronized approach to ensuring the sponsors and partners of the GA are highlighted and given the best opportunities to engage with members.

On-LocationVideo Production
Unique Design Elements for each Event

Each event has a logo that is a dynamic representation of the host location or program and the colors used reflect the geography and feel.

A dedicated mini-site is created and embedded on the main league website to host all pertinent information giving a clear direction for each stakeholder to explore.

A key feature of any event. The LO Process to create memorable pieces for partners to sell is unrivalled in the event apparel industry. A true differentiation for the Girls Academy.

Event Activation

The ability to direct members to key areas such as where to send content, watch games or buy merchandise is created through special urls.