With custom analytics tools, LO understands the
target audience and how to entice them to interact with the GA Brand.


Using a wide range of techniques and tools, highlighting the best of the GA, top players, member clubs and conferences is accomplished on a daily basis by the LO team.


Engagement levels on social media is tracked, evaluated and tactics are adjusted just like in a real game.


Whether it is the mission of the league, or a message from a brand partner
LO amplifies the voice of the GA and ultimately the players at every opportunity.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.- Albert Einstein, Physicist
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LO maximizes the reach on Instagram, targeted to the players and their parents by using a range of post formats to reach the desire goals. In tandem with analytical research, LO will select the appropriate mode whether that be a Photo, Carousel, Video or story. We utilize stories to amplify
the voice of the members by primarily sharing their content without disrupting the branding on the social media wall.


Utilizing Facebook into 2021 will adjust to a more information specific format. Moving away from cross channel promotions will be a new feature introduced by LO now we understand the audiences engaging on the GA channels.


Real Time information, soccer world content and short graphic and gifs will be a feature of the twitter page into the 2021 season.


Cross channel campaigns to drive organic growth across each platform will be the norm for the
GA, where we extract as much value as possible from those already engulfed in the success of the league. Exploration of paid ads and boosting of posts will be explored in Q2 of the year.


The design of the social content follows the brand guides developed by LO. Evolution templates will be a feature of 2021 to push the boundaries of the branding as far as possible while staying true to the aesthetic that has been celebrated in this past year.


A more educated team means better responses on social. We have been able to minimize the
pitfalls of running social media channels for a youth organization by being the industry leader of youth sports digital media. This deep understanding of the landscape, is a clear benefit of our team vs. others in the generic design and digital space.

Understanding the role of social media in the evolution of the league, specific to this industry, is critical to digital success. The lessons learned and being a key part of driving engagement stand LO in good stead to continue on this fascinating journey.
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